Chromebases are still a thing: Acer launches two new Chrome OS all-in-one-desktops

Chrome OS tablets may be the new hotness, but the vast majority of devices that have shipped with Google’s Chrome operating system over the years have been laptops… also known as Chromebooks. But a few years ago we also saw the introduction of a few other categories including Chromeboxes (mini desktop computers), Chromebits (PC-on-a-stick devices), […]

Acer launches Chromebase for Meetings all-in-one PC (for business)

Chrome OS laptops, desktops, PC sticks, and all-in-one desktops are generally available as low-cost alternatives to their Windows counterparts. And then there are the Chromebox for Meetings devices. At first glance, these little Chrome desktops look like expensive alternatives to consumer models… but Google and its partners position them as low-cost alternatives to expensive video […]

Acer Chromebase 24 is an all-in-one Chrome OS desktop with an Intel Core processor

The Acer Chromebase 24 (CA24I) looks like a 23.8 inch full HD monitor with an IPS display (because that’s exactly what it is). But under the hood, this monitor has the guts of a Chromebook… and a reasonably decent Chromebook at that. Acer says the new Chromebase 24 is the first all-in-one Chrome desktop to feature […]

AOPEN Chromebase Commercial is a 22 inch all-in-one

Google’s Chrome OS is a browser-based operating system for notebook and desktop computers. Now AOPEN is bringing Chrome OS to the commercial PC space, with the Chromebase Commercial. It’s a 21.5 inch all-in-one computer with a touchscreen display and Google’s Chrome operating system. The Chromebase Commercial is designed to be used for digital signage, point-of-sales, […]

Acer Chromebase all-in-one desktop now available for $330

Acer’s all-in-one desktop computer with Chrome OS is now available in the US. The Acer Chromebase looks like a computer monitor, but it’s more than just a display. The system also has an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage, enabling it to run Google’s Chrome browser-based operating system, Acer unveiled its […]

Acer Chromebase coming soon for $330 (All-in-one Chrome OS touchscreen PC)

Acer unveiled its first all-in-one desktop PC powered by Google’s Chrome OS in April. Now the Acer Chromebase available for pre-order from CDW for $330. According to Brent Sullivan, the 21.5 inch touchscreen computer should ship in the second half of June. Last year LG was the first company to launch a Chromebase, but Acer’s model […]

Acer Chromebase is an all-in-one, touchscreen Chrome OS desktop PC

Acer has been offering Chromebooks for several years. In fact, the company was one of the first to launch a laptop running Google’s Chrome operating system. More recently Acer branched out into Chromeboxes, which are desktop computers with Chrome OS software. Now Acer is launching its first Chromebase: an all-in-one  Chrome OS desktop PC. The […]

Intel Broadwell-powered Chromebooks coming in February

Intel’s new Broadwell processors aren’t just designed for Windows computers. The chip maker says Chromebooks with 5th-gen Intel Core processors are on the way as well. The first models should hit the streets in February, including the Acer Chromebook 15 which was unveiled this weekend. Chromebooks are really just laptops that run Google’s Chrome operating system. But […]

LG Chromebase all-in-one Chrome desktop does America for $350

The LG Chromebase is an all-in-one desktop PC with a 21.5 inch full HD display, an Intel Celeron processor, and Chrome OS software instead of Windows (or Android). LG introduced the Chromebase in December, launched it in Australia in February, and now the company is bringing the Chromebase to America, where it sells for about […]