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Google introduces Chrome Apps which work more like desktop apps

Google is doing its best to turn the web into the only operating system you really need. The company is pushing a new type of web app designed to work offline, offer desktop notifications, and launch directly from your desktop — all while offering the benefits of a web application including the ability to pick […]

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Google is turning Chrome Remote Desktop into a packaged app (native app)

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop is a tool that lets you remotely login to nearly any computer running a Chrome web browser. You can see and control the remote desktop on your screen, which comes in handy if you’re helping someone troubleshoot problems over the internet, or if you need to access files you left on […]

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In-app payments coming soon to Google Chrome

Google Chrome may be one of the most popular web browsers in the world. But Google is working hard to make it into more than that. You can buy a Chromebook or Chromebox that runs the Chrome operating system (built around the web browser). And you can use the Chrome Web Store to install apps, […]