More evidence that Chrome OS tablets are on the way

Google’s Chrome OS started out as a browser-based operating system for notebook and desktop computers. But over the past few years Google has added support for touchscreen displays and the ability to run Android apps, and we’re seeing a growing number of Chromebook convertibles like the Asus Chromebook Flip and Samsung Chromebook Plus and Pro. […]

Maybe the Pixel C was originally meant to run Chrome OS

The Google Pixel C is a $499 tablet with a high-resolution display, an optional detachable keyboard, and Android software. But it’s possible the tablet wasn’t always meant to ship with Android. Shortly before Google officially introduced the tablet, we learned that it was likely-named Ryu, and as I noted at the time, that’s the same name […]

Google brings handwriting recognition to Chrome OS

There are a handful of Chromebooks with touchscreen displays and at least one model that you can even use as a tablet. So it’s no surprise that Google’s Chrome Operating system now features an on-screen keyboard for the times when you might not want to use a physical keyboard. Now there’s another way to enter […]

Chrome OS gets more touchy with pinch-to-zoom, virtual keyboard

Google’s Chrome OS may be designed for laptops and desktops at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you need to use a keyboard and mouse to interact with the operating system. There are already two touchscreen Chromebooks on the market, and developers are adding a few extra touches to make Chrome OS more touch-friendly. It’s […]

Chrome OS dev channel brings a virtual keyboard for touchscreen devices

There’s only one Chromebook on the market today that features a touchscreen display. But that hasn’t stopped developers at Google for adding support for an on-screen keyboard to the latest dev channel update of Chrome OS. If you’re using a Chromebook Pixel (or another Chrome OS device, I suppose), you can now turn on the […]