AOPEN releases the first rugged Chrome OS tablet (for commercial and industrial use)

Chrome OS tablets have been a thing since last year, but there still aren’t all that many of them. Acer, Asus, CTL, and Google have released a single model each, and that’s about it for the consumer space. But commercial device maker AOPEN has something new — the first Chrome OS tablet designed for commercial […]

Google releases Chrome OS 72 with optimizations for touchscreen devices

The latest version of Chrome OS brings a number of new features for Chromebooks and other devices running Google’s operating system… including the growing number of Chrome OS tablets. Among other things, Chrome OS 72 includes a version of the Chrome browser that’s been optimized for touchscreen devices when you’re using them in tablet mode. […]

CTL launches a $299 Chrome OS tablet for students

CTL is the latest company to launch a Chrome OS tablet designed for the education market and it looks… kind of familiar. Like the Acer Chrombook Tab 10 and Asus Chromebook Tablet T100, the new CTL Chromebook Tab Tx1 features a 9.7 inch, 2048 x 1536 pixel IPS touchscreen display with pen support, a Rockchip OP1 […]

The first Asus Chrome OS tablet is a durable model aimed at young children

Asus is introducing a whole bunch of new Chrome OS devices aimed at the education market including laptops, convertibles, and the company’s first standalone Chrome OS tablet. That last one is part of a small, but growing line of touchscreen-only devices designed to run Google’s Chrome operating system. And like the first Chrome OS tablet, […]

Google Pixel Slate shipping in late November, available for pre-order now for $599 and up

Google’s first real Chrome OS tablet is now up for pre-order for $599 and up, and it should ship in a few weeks. The Google Pixel Slate features a 12.3 inch, 3000 x 2000 pixel touchscreen display, a fingerprint sensor, two USB Type-C ports, and support for optional Pen and keyboard accessories. But it’s first and […]