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Google moves Chrome for Android navigation to the bottom (Dev Channel)

Smartphone screens seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Your hands probably aren’t. So if developers want you to be able to interact with their apps using a single hand, they’re going to need to adjust. And that’s what Google is doing: the latest Chrome Dev browser for Android has moved the navigation from the […]

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Google Chrome Dev browser now available for Android

Google’s Chrome web browser for desktops comes in three basic versions: Stable, Beta, and Dev Channel. The same is true of the Chrome OS software that runs on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. And now all three are available for Android as well: Google has just released Chrome Dev to the Google Play Store. You can download […]

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Dev channel coming to the Chrome browser for Android

Google offers three different versions of the Chrome web browser: Stable, Beta, and Dev. Depending on which channel you use, you can get the latest stable build of the browser or sacrifice some stability in exchange for the chance to test out some of the newest features sooner (and to help find bugs in the […]