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Google is phasing out support for Chrome apps (Update: in 2025)

When Google launched Chrome Apps in 2013, the idea was to let web developers create apps that worked more like native desktop applications thanks to powerful APIs and the ability to run even if you’re offline, among other things. But web browsers and web standards have come a long way since then — and Google […]

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Google is ditching support for Chrome apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux (but not Chrome OS… yet)

There’s a lot you can do in a web browser these days: you can send email, read news, watch videos, play games, and even make video calls. But a few years ago there were some things that were kind of tough to do in a web browser, so Google introduced support for Chrome Packaged Apps […]

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Google introduces Chrome Apps which work more like desktop apps

Google is doing its best to turn the web into the only operating system you really need. The company is pushing a new type of web app designed to work offline, offer desktop notifications, and launch directly from your desktop — all while offering the benefits of a web application including the ability to pick […]