AMD Zen 3 desktop chips coming Nov 5 for $299 and up (Ryzen 5000)

Intel’s 11th-gen “Rocket Lake S” desktop processors may be coming early next year. But rival AMD’s newest desktop chips are coming next month. The company has unveiled four new Ryzen 5000 series desktop processors with prices ranging from $299 to $799 and the promise of major improvements in single-core performance, multi-threaded performance, and energy efficiency. The […]

AMD introduces Ryzen and Athlon chips for Chromebooks

Last year AMD introduced its first chips designed for Chromebooks, and within a few months a handful of PC makers began selling Chrome OS laptops powered by the inexpensive, low-power processors. Now AMD is taking aim at higher-performance Chromebooks. The company has introduced a new line of Ryzen and Athlon chips for Chromebooks. And unlike […]

3rd-party Intel Tiger Lake tests suggest big performance boosts

Intel promised that it’s 11th-gen Core “Tiger Lake” processors would bring up to a 2x boost in graphics performance over previous-gen “Ice Lake” chips, as well as more modest CPU performance gains. But up until now we’ve only had Intel’s word to go on. Now a handful of tech news websites have published the results […]

SiFive plans to unveil the first RISC-V PC in October, along with new RISC-V chips

Now that NVIDIA has announced plans to acquire Arm holdings, it may be a good time for a reminder that ARM and x86 aren’t the only options for chip designs. RISC-V is a free and open instruction set available for anyone to use without paying a royalty fee. While RISC-V isn’t as mature as some […]