Chatting about chatbots on the LPX Show podcast

Facebook and Microsoft seem to believe that chatbots are the future… and that if you teach them well, you can let them lead the way. Or something like that. Microsoft recently released a set of developer tools called the Microsoft Bot Framework that helps developers create chatbots for news, retail, weather, or other services. And Facebook has […]

Like Microsoft, Facebook believes that chatbots are the future

It’s (not really) official: chatbots are the new apps. Two weeks after Microsoft launched a new platform designed to help developers create chatbots that can interact with users in Skype, Outlook, Slack, and other platforms, Facebook has launched its own bot-making tools. The Facebook Messenger Platform allows developers to create bots that allow Facebook Messenger and Facebook […]

Microsoft’s vision for future of Skype, Cortana: bots talking to bots

Microsoft is betting big that the way humans will interact with machines in the future is using natural language. That’s why the company launched the ill-fated Tay Twitter bot last week. It wast just one of a number of chat bots the company is working on to bring machine learning to play, allowing its software to […]