ECS unveils Liva Q1 palm-sized PCs with dual display (or Ethernet) ports

PC maker ECS showcased several new mini PCs at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, including the previously announced ECS Liva Z3 PlusĀ and Liva Z3E Plus with 10th-gen Intel Core Comet Lake chips. But the company is also updating its even smaller ECS Liva Q line of computers with new models featuring additional ports […]

This is Intel’s first discrete graphics card (that you won’t be able to buy)

Intel has been investing heavily in improving graphics performance of its processors, and the company is starting to share details at the Consumer Electronics Show. Among other things, Intel has revealed the Intel DG1 graphics card with next-gen Intel Xe graphics. The company has also made it clear that this isn’t actually a graphics card […]

Akasa introduces Venom QX case for Intel NUC 9 Compute Element

PC accessory maker Akasa has been offering fanless NUC cases for years. Take the guts of an Intel NUC mini-computer, remove them from the original case and put them into an Akasa chassis and you have a small, silent, passively-cooled PC. Now Akasa is introducing its first actively-cooled NUC case. It’sĀ compatible with Intel’s new NUC […]

Asus brings Ice Lake, Comet Lake chips to its 2020 VivoBook lineup

PC maker Asus only brought one new premium ZenBook thin and light laptop to the Consumer Electronics Show this year. But the company is adding a bunch of new models to its mid-range VivoBook lineup. They’re all powered by 10th-gen Intel Core processors, and many will be available with optional NVIDIA graphics. Here’s an overview […]

Samsung’s latest portable SSD has a built-in fingerprint reader

Portable USB SSDs may be pricier than portable hard drives, but prices have been falling in recent years, making them viable alternatives. They offer plenty of advantages including speedier data transfers, smaller sizes, and better durability thanks to the lack of moving parts. Samsung’s newest entry also adds something else to the mix: biometric security. […]

Royole Mirage is a smart speaker wrapped in a flexible AMOLED touchscreen display

A year after introducing the first (and somewhat underwhelming) smartphone with a foldable display, Royole is showing off a product that makes use of flexible AMOLED display technology in a different way. The Royole Mirage is a cylinder-shaped smart speaker with 360-degree audio… and a 360-degree touchscreen that wraps around the devices. The 7.8 inch, […]

MediaTek Dimensity 800 5G processors coming to mid-range smartphones this year

Qualcomm isn’t the only chip maker looking to bring 5G connectivity to mid-range smartphones this year. MediaTek’s new Dimensity 800 5G chipset is an octa-core processor designed for “mid-tier and mass market” phones. MediaTek first teased the new chip a few weeks ago, but now the company is providing more details about what to expect. […]

Wacom One is a $400 drawing tablet that works with Windows, Mac, and Android

The Wacom One is a 13 inch graphics tablet that lets digital artists work with a pressure-sensitive pen. It’s not a standalone tablet, but rather an input device designed to work with Windows or Mac computers… and it’s also the first Wacom tablet that’s also compatible with Android phones, tablets, and other devices. With a […]

Moar screens! Expanscape unveils 7-screen laptop and dual-screen handheld prototypes

Dual-screen laptops are starting to become a thing… but UK-based Expanscape wants to go further than that. Much further. The company is revealing prototypes of two multi-screen devices: Aurora 7 is a laptop with 7 screens that lets you carry a monster workstation PC with you on the go. TeenySERV Duo is a handheld computer […]