Nokia 8 smartphone (maybe not) spied at CES ahead of official launch

HMD launched its first Nokia-branded smartphone in China recently. But the Nokia 6 might get some company soon. Total Tech has posted a brief video showing a phone that may come to market soon as the Nokia 8. It was reportedly on display at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, where folks were told not […]

Razer’s CEO says two prototypes were stolen at CES

PC gaming hardware company Razer has a track record of showing up to the Consumer Electronics Show with some of the most impressive (and unusual) concept devices. In the 2014, the company unveiled Project Christine, a liquid-cooled gaming PC with a modular design. In 2013 the company introduced a high-end Windows gaming tablet. And last […]

Next Thing Co’s CHIP Pro dev kit (video)

Next Thing Co made headlines¬†in 2015 by launching a $9 computer-on-a-module called the CHIP. A few months ago the company introduced a new set of products including the $16 CHIP Pro, which is a hacker-friendly module with an aRM-based processor and 256MB of RAM, and a $49 CHIP Pro Dev Kit to help DIY folks […]

Report card: Brad’s mobile reporting kit for CES 2017

Over the past few days I’ve published nearly 100 articles, 29 videos, and more photos than I care to count while covering the latest tech on display at the Consumer Electronics Show. As in previous years, I did most of this with the help of just a few tools: a laptop, a smartphone, and a […]

Apollo Lake mini PCs are coming soon

Intel plans to release a NUC mini desktop computer soon featuring an Intel Celeron J3455 Apollo Lake processor. But Intel isn’t the only company working on tiny desktops with low-power Apollo Lake chips. A handful of device makers at the Consumer Electronics Show are¬†also revealing plans for Apollo Lake-powered products. Mele has some on the […]

Closer look at the 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV

NVIDIA’s second-gen Shield TV has the same processor, memory, and storage as the original. But it comes in a body that’s 40 percent smaller and comes in a $199 bundle that includes the Shield, a remote control, and a game controller. The first generation model shipped without the remote, which needed to be purchased separately. […]

Mele fanless Kaby Lake and Apollo Lake mini PCs coming in 2017

Chinese device maker is showcasing some of its latest products at the Consumer Electronics Show, including TV boxes running Android software and tiny desktop computers that run Windows 10. But the company is also outlining its product roadmap for the next half year, and it includes a new set of small, fanless computers with Intel […]

Intel Compute Card is a tiny PC for a modular world

Intel envisions a world where you’ll be able to buy a smart TV, smart refrigerator, or other gadgets with a computer inside… and keep using the gadget even after the PC components start to feel dated. That’s because you’ll be able to swap out the PC and replace it with a new one. And when […]