Rockchip introduces RK3229, RK3399 chips with 4K video support

Rockchip had a small presence at CES this year, where the company was showing off a handful of new devices including the Geekbox hackable mini PC and a new virtual reality headset. But the folks at Notebook Italia noticed something I missed: Rockchip also unveiled two new processors at the show. The Rockchip RK3229 is […]

The first Mini-STX motherboards based on Intel’s 5×5 platform are here

Intel launched a new platform in 2015 for the smallest motherboards that could support upgradeable CPUs. Now we’re starting to see some of the first actual boards based on that platform: ECS and ASRock both unveiled new mini STX motherboards at CES last week. Basically, this means you can build your own computer that’s not much […]

Panasonic ToughPad FZ-Q1 is a 12.5 inch semi-rugged Windows tablet for $1000 and up

Panasonic’s ToughBook and ToughPad line of ruggedized laptops and tablets are designed for use in industrial, outdoors, or other environments where a regular computer might not survive the kind of abuse it would be exposed to. But they tend to be pretty expensive. Now Panasonic is offering a slightly more affordable option for customers that […]

A walk through the CES Global Technology Marketplace

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show wraps up on Saturday, and we’ve seen a lot of announcements from well-known companies including Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, HP, and Acer. But while CES is a big event for tech reporters, it’s an even bigger deal for small companies looking to connect with one another (or with bigger companies). A […]

Misfit built a fitness tracker into Bluetooth earbuds

Say you like the idea of a gadget that can track you steps… but you don’t really want to have one strapped to your wrist or clipped to your clothing all day. Misfit’s latest activity tracker isn’t meant to be worn all day… just when you’re listening to music (or podcasts, or whatever). The Misfit […]

Stabilo Digipen makes handwritten notes digital

German pen maker Stabilo wants to launch a smart pen that can translate you handwritten notes into digital text. Write words on a notepad and they’ll show up on you phone, tablet, or PC screen. Shapes like squares and circles can also be recognized. The company is showing off a prototype at CES, plans to […]

TipTalk turns your finger into a speaker (sort of)

Your phone is ringing, but it’s tucked away in you bag and you don’t want to go find it. No problem. You can take the call on you fingertip. Well, maybe. The TipTalk is an upcoming product that you wear on your wrist as a watch or bracelet. It pairs with you smartphone over Bluetooth […]

Nitro Duo is 2 touchscreen computers in one 5 inch case

The Nitro Duo is a small computer with a 5 inch touchscreen display, a full-sized USB port, a docking connector, and a series of programmable buttons for launching apps or performing other actions. Actually no, scratch that. The Nitro Duo isn’t a small computer with those features. It’s two. Under the hood this device features the […]

Lenovo and Google plan to offer first Project Tango 3D depth-sensing smartphone

Google’s Project Tango is an effort to bring 3D cameras and depth-sensing software to smartphones and cameras. The idea is that you’d be able to map an environment and interact with real-world items on your screen. For example you could scan your living room and see what it would look like with a different paint […]