$99 WiMe NanoWatch is a watch-sized phone, or an Android smartphone companion

The WiMe NanoWatch is a $99 wristwatch-sized phone which you can use to make calls, view the time, set alarms, or perform a couple of other basic actions. But what really makes the NanoWatch cool is that you can pair it with an Android phone over a Bluetooth connection to your phone to initiate phone […]

Tobii Technology’s eye-tracking system lets you use your eyes as a PC mouse

There are a lot of ways to interact with a computer. You can use a keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, voice controls, or motion controls. Or you can just look at it… Tobii is developing eye-tracking hardware and software that lets you move a mouse cursor, select items, zoom, or scroll using your eyes. For instance, say […]

Asus shows off new 7, 10 inch tablets to prospective retailers

Asus didn’t publicly introduce any new tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. In fact, the only new product the company showed off was the upcoming Qube Google TV set-top-box. But that doesn’t mean Asus didn’t bring a few new toys to Vegas. In private meetings with retailers, the company was showing off new […]

Android-powered keyboard, remote and set-top-box turn a TV into a complicated Android media center

Android: It’s not just for phones and tablets anymore. We’re seeing Android in everything from refrigerators to washing machines these days, and sometimes even in devices where the OS makes sense. A company called Remote Solution is showing off an Android TV box at CES this week, and it’s designed to work with a nifty little touchscreen […]

Hands-on with the Toshiba Satellite U845T $800 touchscreen ultrabook

Toshiba’s adding a bit of touch to its ultrabook lineup with the introduction of the Toshiba Satellite U845T. It’s a thin notebook with a 14 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel glossy touchscreen display and a starting price of about $800. The Satellite U845T should be available for purchase in March, but Toshiba is showing off […]

Synaptics Sensa tablet prototype could enable thinner tablet bezels with thumb-rejection

Today screen bezels are kind of necessary for tablets. While some folks like the idea of an edge-to-edge touch-sensitive screen, the truth is that if the touch surface stretched all the way across a tablet, there’d be no way to hold a device without accidentally tapping or swiping when you just wanted to grip the […]

Rockchip’s RK3188 quad-core processors coming in the first half of 2013

Chinese chip maker Rockchip is showing off its upcoming quad-core RK3188 processors. The company expects to start sending samples to hardware partners in February, which means that we could see these quad-core chips show up in tablets and other devices in March, April, or May. Rockchip has a demo of a touchscreen display hooked up […]

Gigabyte S1082 Windows 8 tablet coming soon for $649 and up

Gigabyte’s S1082 isn’t the thinnest or lightest Windows 8 tablet around. But it’s a fairly versatile model with full-sized HDMI, VGA, And Ethernet jacks, among other things. Like the pricier Gigabyte S1185, this model also features an optical trackpad and mouse buttons built into the sides of the tablet. That can make it easier to […]