Lenovo introduces a new Windows 7 tablet

As expected, Lenovo is starting to show off tablet computers in advance of CES. The folks at Laptop Magazine snagged some time with the company’es new Windows 7 tablet powered by an Intel Atom Oak Trail processor. While there aren’t a lot of details to share at this point, we do know that the tablet […]

Ocosmos set to launch ultraportable Windows gaming computer

Ocosmos is expected to launch a small gaming machine with an Intel Atom Oak Trail processor and Windows operating system this week. The company has been showing off a demo unit for a little while which looks like a cross between a phone and PlayStation Portable, but the folks at Netbook News got their hands […]

Lenovo to showcase 2 tablets at CES this week

Last January Lenovo showed off a series of intriguing devices at CES including a tablet/notebook hybrid called the IdeaPad U1 and a smartbook called the Skylight. Over the past 12 months, the Skylight appears to have been killed off, as has the custom Linux-based operating system it ran. But it looks like a version of […]

Stream TV launches 7 new eLocity 10 inch tablets

Pennsylvania-based Stream TV Networks was one of the first US companies to bring a 7 inch Android tablet to market with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip and Android 2.2. It’s called the eLocity A7. Now the company is going all out and announcing the launch of 10 inch Android tablets… 7 of them. All 7 […]