Rockchip to introduce RK29xx mobile chips at CES

Chinese chip maker Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics makes the chips that power a number of the cheap Android tablets we’ve seen coming out of China over the past year or so. Now the company plans to introduce a new line of chips, aimed specifically at devices running Android 2.2, Google TV, and similar software. The Rockhip […]

NEC to launch dual screen Android tablet?

NEC is reportedly planning to showcase a dual screen Android tablet at CES in January. The company recently launched a line of 7 inch Android tablets in Japan, but so far those devices aren’t available in the US. It’s not clear whether a CES launch in Las Vegas means we can expect to see the […]

Microsoft to showcase Windows tablets, tease Windows 8 at CES?

Sure, Microsoft pretty much invented the tablet PC category about 10 years ago… but the company’s vision of tablet computers which had all the features of a laptop, plus a touchscreen display and pen input for drawing, writing notes, and handwriting recognition never took off in a big way with consumers — at least not […]

MSI WindPad tablets coming to CES

PC maker MSI is promising to show off a “new generation” of MSI WindPad tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas in January. The reason I put “new generation” in quotes is because while MSI did indeed show off a few tablets at CES 2010 as well as other trade shows throughout the year, […]