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dnb Dual netbook concept features dual screen display, virtual keyboard

MSI isn’t the only company showing off a dual screen netbook concept at CES this week. I stopped by the international exhibitor section this morning and spotted a dual-screen model from Korean company dnb. The dnb Dual netbook prototype isn’t quite as elegant as MSI’s solution. Basically, it looks like someone took a standard 10 […]

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The difference between the Asus Eee PC 1005P and 1005PE

I’ve been wondering what makes the Eee PC 1005PE different from the 1005P for a little while. Today I found out: The keyboard and battery. Basically, both models are available with the same configuration options including 1GB of RAM, 160GB/250GB/320GB hard drives, Windows 7 Starter, and Intel Atom N450 processors. But there are a few […]

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Asus introduces the Asus Collection line of designer netbook cases, accessories

Asus launches its first designer edition netbook this week. It’s the Eee PC 1008P Karim Rashid Edition, and it features a stylish case with a textured pattern that comes in brown or pink. But the netbook isn’t the only Asus product getting a stylish makeover. The company is also introducing a new line of classy […]