OpenPeak introduces OpenTablet 10 with transflective display

While I was busy checking out OpenPeak’s 7 inch Android tablet yesterday, the company was busy announcing a new 10 inch model called the OpenTablet 10. The new model isn’t just bigger, it also has transflective display, which means the screen is designed to be viewable both indoors and outside. There’s no mention of who […]

Hands-on with the LG P210 12.5 inch portable notebook

The LG P210 is one of the first thin and light laptops with a 12.5 inch display. But that’ not its only claim to fame. The little laptop also has one of the smallest screen bezels around, and a super-slim design. I spotted the P210 at the Microsoft booth today, and it’s a nice looking […]

Samsung’s crazy laptop with transparent display might ship this year

Samsung was showing off one of the coolest pieces of technology I’ve ever seen in real life at CES this year: A laptop with a fully functional semi-transparent OLED display. In other words, you can see what’s on the display, but you can also look right through the screen to see what’s behind it. The […]