Update: HP’s low-power Moonshot servers will support x86, ARM chips

Yesterday HP announced that it had begun testing the first low-power servers based on its Project Moonshot designs, and that the new servers could enter production later this year. Last year when HP unveiled its plans to invest in new low-power server technology, the company was focusing on technology featuring clusters of ARM-based chips. Since […]

First HP Project Moonshot servers will use Intel Atom chips (updated)

HP’s Project Moonshot is an initiative to develop low-energy servers that use less electricity than most of today’s models while offering similar performance. When the company unveiled the project in November, HP planned to use low power ARM-based processors. But now HP has changed its tune, and the first servers produced as part of the […]

Intel introduces 6W Atom processor for servers

A handful of companies have been offering low power servers based on Intel Atom chips for a few years. But now Intel is embracing the idea of using low-power processors in servers with the introduction of its first Atom chip designed specifically for servers. The Intel Centerton platform is a system-on-a-chip based around Atom architecture. […]