Intel quietly launches cheaper Comet Lake-U chips (Celeron and Pentium)

Just over two months after introducing the first 10th-gen Core “Comet Lake” processors designed for laptops and other low-power computers, Intel has added two new chips to the lineup. They’re less powerful… but they’re also cheaper, which means we could see the new Intel Celeron 5205U and Pentium Gold 6405U show up in low-cost computers soon. Both processors […]

Intel’s next-gen Celeron and Pentium chips for budget devices could be way more powerful

Intel has been offering cheap, low-power processors for entry-level laptops since the company unveiled the first Atom chip for netbooks way back in 2008. The company doesn’t use the Atom name any more, but entry-level Celeron and Pentium Silver chips in the company’s Gemini Lake line use Atom-based architecture while higher-performance Pentium Gold processors are […]

Alfawise T1 is a $220 mini PC with a quad-core Intel Gemini Lake processor

Intel’s Gemini Lake processors are low-cost, low-power chips aimed at entry-level notebooks, 2-in-1 tablets, and compact desktop computers. They’re branded with Celeron and Pentium Silver names, consume about 6-10 watts of power, and come in dual-core and quad-core versions. Gemini Lake is the successor to the Intel Apollo Lake chips that have powered this space […]

Intel June Canyon NUC with Gemini Lake coming soon (and other Intel mini PC news)

Intel’s Hades Canyon NUC may be the most powerful mini-desktop the company has ever built, but it’s not the only mini PC Intel brought to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. I got a chance to sit down with Intel’s John Deatherage to talk about the company’s other mini PCs, and he laid out the roadmap […]

Intel launches low-power Gemini Lake chips (with Pentium Silver and Celeron models)

Intel’s first chips based on the company’s new Gemini Lake architecture are here. The company is launching three new low-cost, low-power processors aimed at desktops and three aimed at notebooks. These are the successors to Intel’s Apollo Lake processors, which first hit the streets last year, and the new models are expected to offer a […]

Skyworld shows off convertible PC with Intel Gemini Lake processor a bit early

Intel hasn’t formally launched its upcoming Gemini Lake chip family yet, but it’s pretty much an open secret at this point that the next-gen low-power Celeron and Pentium chips are on their way. In fact, it’s such an open secret that a Chinese PC maker is already showing off a convertible tablet-style notebook powered by […]

Intel’s Gemini Lake chips to feature native HDMI 2.0, more cache, better performance

Now that Intel is no longer making Atom chips for laptops and tablets, the company’s low-end, low-power Celeron and Pentium chips are what you’ll find in many entry-level computers. Right now that means “Apollo Lake” chips including the Celeron N3060, Celeron N3450, and Pentium N4200. But by the end of the year, Intel is expected […]

More signs point to late 2017/early 2018 launch for Intel Gemini Lake chips

Intel’s “Apollo Lake” line of Celeron and Pentium processors are low-cost, low-power chips that are found in entry-level laptops, convertibles, and small form-factor desktops. Rumor has it that Intel is readying the follow-up to Apollo Lake, codenamed “Gemini Lake,” and now a few more details are emerging. Following last week’s report detailing some Gemini Lake […]