Intel Atom Cedar Trail chips start shipping

Intel has started to supply Cedar Trail chips to computer makers, which means that we could start to see netbook and desktop computers with the new Intel Atom processors by the end of the year. The Cedar Trail platform covers a range of new chips including the Atom N2600 and N2800 notebook chips and D2500 […]

Next-gen Intel Atom chips to feature HD-capable GMA3600 graphics

Intel’s next generation Atom processors for netbooks, tablets, and desktops are due out by year’s end, and while the Cedar Trail chips won’t offer much more processing power than today’s Pine Trail chips, it looks like they will offer much better graphics performance. We already knew that the Cedar Trail platform would support 1080p HD […]

Intel unveils next-gen Classmate PC with Cedar Trail chipset

Intel’s Classmate PC platform is a reference design that computer manufacturers around the world have used to create affordable, durable mini-laptops for use in schools. More than 5 million Classmates PC computers have been deployed over the past few years, and now Intel is getting ready to upgrade the platform. At the Intel Developer Forum […]

Intel Atom Cedar Trail chips benchmarks show modest improvements

Intel’s Atom processors have never been speed demons. They weren’t meant to be. Instead, these are low power chips designed to offer long battery life and modest performance that’s good enough for basic computing tasks. They’re also designed to be cheap, which is why they’ve been the popular choice for PC companies building low-cost netbooks. […]

Next-gen netbooks could serve double-duty as tablets

Intel is reportedly hoping computer makers will blur the lines between netbooks and tablets soon. The company’s next-generation Intel Atom chips will be appropriate for standard netbooks with 10 inch screens and keyboards, but Fudzilla reports they may also show up in convertible netbooks with touchscreen displays that can be folded down over the keyboard, […]

Intel Atom N2600 Cedarview chip details leaked

More details on Intel’s upcoming Cedar Trail platform for low power Atom chips are emerging. Fudzilla reports that the Intel Atom N2600 processor will be a 32nm 1.6 GHz dual core processor with a TDP of 3.5 watts. Like most Atom chips, the N2600 will reportedly support hyperthreading, which means that the dual core processor […]

Acer, Asus, Lenovo to launch Chrome OS, Android 3.1 devices with Intel chips?

We’re starting to see Windows 7 tablet and notebook designs featuring Intel’s 1.5 GHz Atom Z670 Oak Trail chip, but according to DigiTimes we could start seeing Oak Trail tablets running Google Android 3.1 soon. We could also see next-generation Chromebooks later this year using Intel’s upcoming Cedar Trail platform. The Intel Atom Z670 is […]