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PineBoy 3000 wrist mount turns a PinePhone into a Pip-Boy

The PinePhone is an inexpensive smartphone designed to run Linux and other free and open source software. The Pip-Boy is a fictional wrist-worn computer from the Fallout series of video games. And the PineBoy3000 is a 3D printed wrist-mount for the PinePhone that lets you wear the smartphone like a Pip-Boy. Is there any practical […]

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Add bling to your Kindle with Amazon’s Custom Kindle Accessories

Amazon is launching a new service that lets you design a personalized cover for your Kindle device for the same price as a standard cover. Amazon’s Custom Kindle Accessories lets you create your own cover, case, or skin using your own photos or by choosing from Amazon’s image library including graphics from comics, TV shows, […]

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First look at some BlackBerry PlayBook OEM accessories?

When Research in Motion brought the BlackBerry PlayBook to CES last month, the company had a few cases and other accessories on-hand. But it’s a safe bet that third party companies are going to crank out keyboards, cases, screen covers, power adapters, and other goodies for any device getting as much positive buzz as the […]

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Philips HeatProtect netbook case doubles as a cooling pad (or vice versa)

Looking for a protective case for your netbook and a cooling pad to keep your lap from overheating if your netbook does? Philips has a solution. The company’s HeatProtect combines a protective slipcover with a cooling pad. The case has two zippers with rubberized edges designed not to scratch up other items in your bag. […]

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Handmade NES controller case for netbooks is just plain awesome

Looking for a netbook case with a little Geek Chic flavor? Check out the awesome handmade NES controller pouch Geeky Gadgets discovered on Etsy. The cases are made by seller SplashingKoi, and they’re 8 bits of old-school gaming goodness. At $49.99, it’s a steal of a deal for a unique, hand-crafted portable pouch. Now, I […]

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Targus expands its netbook case lineup with 12 inchers, eco-friendly designs

Argue about whether a 12 inch laptop is a netbook all you like, but plenty of PC makers are putting out machines with 11.6 inch and 12.1 inch screens these days. And Targus is putting out a line of slipcases and bags to tote them around in. Targus unveiled several new items today including a […]