Lilbits 399: Huawei’s chips, OnePlus x-ray cam, and Facebook gets GIPHY

Earlier this week the US government extended its order prohibiting US companies from using telecommunications equipment from Huawei or ZTE by another year. Now the Trump Administration has introduced a new executive order that could make things even more difficult for Huawei. US companies were already blocked from selling equipment and intellectual property to the […]

Sony has trouble meeting demand for smartphone camera sensors (due to rise of multi-camera phones)

Sony makes the camera image sensors used in many of the world’s smartphones. But a lot of modern phones don’t just have a camera on the back and another on the front anymore — they have multiple cameras to add support for things like depth-sensing, wide-angle shots or telephoto zoom photos. And it turns out […]

Canon IVY REC is a USB flash drive-sized camera (crowdfunding)

Smartphone cameras have gotten pretty good in recent years, to the point where they’ve largely replaced point-and-shoot cameras for many folks. While there’s still a market for professional-quality DSLR and mirrorless cameras, camera companies like Canon are looking for other ways to engage non-professional photographers. Enter the Canon IVY REC, a tiny, portable camera that uses […]

Samsung Galaxy A80 with rotating cameras now available (in some markets)

The Samsung Galaxy A80 smartphone features three cameras on the back… but they can also flip around to face the front of the phone, allowing you to use the same three-camera system to snap selfies or live stream video. First unveiled in April, the Samsung Galaxy A80 is now available for purchase in some regions […]

Multi-camera madness: Leaks point to 8-camera Sony smartphone, 6-camera Motorola model

The Nokia 9 PureView turned heads when it launched earlier this year, thanks to an unusual camera system that packed six cameras into a single phone (five on the back and one on the front). Now it looks like Sony may be planning to one-up Nokia… or maybe two-up. The company is said to be […]

Samsung paves the way for 64MP smartphone cameras

In the early days of digital photography, there was a sort of megapixel war with camera makers continually trying to one up each other by allowing you to capture higher resolution photos. For a while this was useful (my first digital camera topped out at an embarrassing 640 x 480 pixels), the war eventually fizzled […]