Google Tasks integration coming to Google Calendar for Android (probably)

I’ve been using Google Calendar on the web to confirm appointments, manage my to-do list, share my schedule with family, and generally keep organized for years. The Google Calendar Android app, on the other hand, has left a lot to be desired. So I’ve been a third-party app that syncs with Google Calendar, but offers […]

Microsoft acquires popular Android and iOS calendar app Sunrise

Microsoft has officially acquired Sunrise Atelier, the company that created the popular Android, iOS, and web-based calendar app Sunrise. The announcement was made public via YouTube, but the video has since been reset as private. Rumors had been swirling last week that Microsoft had plans to purchase the popular calendar app maker for $100 million. […]

Android apps, native contact, calendar, email apps coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook soon

Research in Motion has already stated that it would release native PIM (personal information management) apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now we have something approaching a time frame. At the BlackBerry World keynote this morning officials promised that calendar, contact, and email apps would arrive this summer. Right now the only way to use calendar, […]

BlackBerry PlayBook to get calendar, contact software eventually

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry phones are known for their business features including push email and strong calendar and contact apps. Unfortunately the BlackBerry PlayBook won’t have any of those features at launch. Instead, you’ll be able to connect the tablet to a BlackBerry phone to share your calendar, email, and contact data. That means if […]

BlackBerry PlayBook to launch without native messaging apps

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry platform is probably best known for the way it handles email and messaging. But at launch, the BlackBerry PlayBook 7 inch tablet won’t have a native email, BlackBerry Messenger, or Calendar app. Instead, it will rely on something called BlackBerry Bridge which synchronizes data for those apps with a BlackBerry phone […]