TheC64 is coming in December 2019 (A full-sized Commodore 64 clone)

For the past few years we’ve been inundated with a slew of mini retro consoles like the NES Classic Edition, Sony PlayStation Classic, Sega Genesis Mini, and the recently-announced TurboGrafx-16 Mini. But not all classic game systems were consoles… so last year a company called Retro Games Ltd launched TheC64 Mini for folks looking to […]

Internet Archive lets you play thousands of C64 games in your browser

The Internet Archive has a new software collection that includes thousands of games and programs designed for the Commodore 64 computers. And they’re playable in a web browser. Sort of. According to Jason Scott, all of the programs uploaded have been “tested for at least booting properly,” but you may find some that don’t actually […]

C64 Mini retro game console coming in 2018 for $70 (with 64 games pre-loaded)

Nintendo has been cashing in on nostalgia recently, with last year’s NES Classic Edition mini game console and this year’s SNES Classic (which launches today). Next year you’ll be able to buy an Ataribox system with a Linux-based operating system and a bunch of classic Atari games. If Commodore 64 gaming is more your style, you […]

Commodore (sort of) launches an Android phone (with a C64 emulator)

Commodore may have stopped selling personal computers in the 1990s, but after the company went bankrupt, its assets (including the brand name) have changed hands a few times. Now an Italian company is launching a smartphone called the Commodore PET, and it has more than just the name of a classic PC maker. It also comes […]