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Oppo’s smartphone prototype has under-glass camera, no ports or buttons

Some smartphones are already shipping with in-display fingerprint sensors rather than visible sensors on the front, back, or sides of the phone. Soon we may see phones with in-display cameras as well. Chinese device maker Oppo revealed that it was developing an under-glass smartphone camera earlier this year. This week the company showed off the […]

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Pressy is a $17 button that controls your phone through the headphone jack

Physical buttons on smartphone seem to be an endangered species. But sometimes it’s easier to control your phone with the press of a button than an on-screen gesture. Enter Pressy. The developers are raising funds on Kickstarter in the hopes of bringing a customizable, physical button to Android smartphones. It’s a little device that you […]

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Paranoid Android PIE rethinks the way you use buttons in Android

The first Android phones had physical buttons below the screen for home, back, menu, and search functions. More recent phones and tablets are button-free, but feature on-screen buttons which move when you rotate your device. But the developers of Paranoid Android have come up with a novel new way for those on-screen buttons to work. […]