Upcoming Dell tablet will pack a stylus, removable battery, Oak Tail chip

The Dell product leaks are coming pretty fast this week. Just a few days ago we got a look at Dell’s upcoming tablet roadmap with information about new Android and Windows tablets with 5 to 10 inch screens. Now Engadget has received a tip with some more details about the new Windows tablet, code-named Rosemount. […]

First look at BlackBerry PlayBook’s business features

We’ve seen a lot of information about what an awesome consumer tablet the BlackBerry Playbook is — thanks to support for HD video, Adobe Flash, and multitasking. But BlackBerry is best known for making business-friendly devices, and the PlayBook has some enterprise features as well… some more attractive than other. You can pair the PlayBook […]

Motorola working on 7, 10 inch tablets

It’s no secret that Motorola is working on a tablet, likely running Google’s Android or Chrome operating systems. Now it looks like the company may have at least two models in the works. Speaking at an event this week, Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha said that the company will deliver both 7 and 10 inch tablets […]

Cisco Cius tablet to target enterprise, cost twice as much as an iPad

Like pretty much every other company on the face of the earth, Cisco is working on a tablet. But the Cisco Cius tablet isn’t aimed at the general public. Instead Cisco is targeting business customers. We already knew that Cisco was planning to release the tablet in 2011, that it would weigh 1.15 pounds, features […]