Precursor open mobile hardware device delayed (latest casualty of the chip shortage)

The Precursor is a pocket-sized, open hardware, mobile device that can be programmed for use as a communications gadget or for a range of other applications. And it’s not just the software that’s programmable – the heart of the device is an FPGA that can be configured to emulate various processors. First announced last fall, […]

Lilbits: Open mobile hardware, Surface Pro 8 leak, and Apple’s ARM-based Macs

In September hardware hacker bunnie Huang unveiled a new open mobile hardware device called Precursor. Now it’s up for pre-order through a crowdfunding campaign at Crowd Supply. The early bird $450 rewards are sold out, but you can reserve one for a pledge of $512 or more and if everything goes according to plan, a […]

Lilbits: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 leaks, Intel’s reorg, and Apple’s $129 Thunderbolt 3 cable

Samsung is holding an event on August 5th, where the company is expected to officially introduce the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold 2, and several other products including new earbuds, a new smartwatch, and two new tablets. But thanks to a series of leaks, it’s not like we don’t already know most of the […]

NeTV2 open video development board is also a tool in a legal fight against DRM (crowdfunding)

Hardware hacker and bunnie huang’s latest project is an open source video board aimed at developers. It’s called the NeTV2 and it supports 1080p video at 60 Hz, features two HDMI ports, and is powered by an FPGA and 512MB of RAM. The NeTV 2 board also includes PCIe 2.0 x4 connectors, allowing it to […]

Gadget alerts you to smartphone snooping, designed by Edward Snowden and bunnie Huang

NSA whistleblower and privacy activist Edward Snowden has partnered with hardware hacker bunnie Huang to develop a tool that lets you know if your smartphone may be spying on you (or rather, assisting someone else to spy on you). The two have published a paper about a system which they describe as a tool for […]

Novena open laptop raises $700 thousand through crowdfunding

Hardware hackers Bunnie Huang and Sean Cross wanted to design a laptop that didn’t rely on any proprietary hardware or software, so they created the Novena open laptop. At first they figured there was a market for exactly two of these systems in the world… but when they started talking about the project, plenty of other […]

Novena Open laptop is on the way after beating crowdfunding goal

The creators of the Novena open laptop have created a portable computer designed to run pretty much nothing but free and open source software. The designs for the hardware are also available. But not everyone has the resources to laser cut their own case, order their own printed circuit board, and do all the other […]

Crowdfunding: Novena open laptop has a hackable bezel (among other things)

The folks behind the Novena open laptop are getting awfully close to their crowd-funding goal of $250,000 and with nearly two weeks to go in the project, it looks pretty likely that at least a few dozen of the devices will be manufactured and shipped in the coming year. If the team surpasses that goal, not […]

Bunnie Huang’s Novena open laptop stretch goals: 3D graphics drivers, hardware breakout boards and more

The makers of the Novena laptop wanted to build a PC unlike anything on the market. While there are plenty of laptops that can run open source operating systems like Ubuntu or Fedora, the Novena is designed from the ground up with openness in mind. The hardware schematics are available to the public, and there are […]