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Lilbits 315: Ubuntu on everything

Ubuntu Linux seems to be having a moment. Or a bunch of moments, really. The developers at Canonical have been working for years to bring the popular Linux-based operating system to new types of devices, and a few weeks ago pre-orders opened for the first Ubuntu tablet to support “convergence,” allowing you to switch between a desktop […]

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BungBungame Photon2 tablet is one of the first with AMD A10 Mullins processor

There are only a handful of laptops and tablets on the market with AMD Mullins low-power processors, and most feature AMD’s E1 or A4 Micro series processors. Now Taiwanese device maker BungBungame is showing off one of the first tablets with a more powerful AMD A10 Micro-6700T Mullins processor. The BungBungame Photon2 is a Windows […]

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BungBungame Project S: A $299 top-tier smartphone (if it gets funded)

Phones with top-tier specs usually have top-tier prices. While you can pick up the latest Samsung, HTC, LG, or Apple smartphone for a few hundreds bucks or less with a contract, they typically sell for well over $500 when you buy them unlocked. But there’s a recent trend of companies including Xiaomi and Google pushing […]

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Kalos Android tablet with Tegra 4 CPU, WQHD display (video)

Tawainese device maker and app developer BungBungame is showing off a new 10 inch Android tablet with a high resolution display and an NVIDIA Tegra 4 ARM Cortex-A15 quad-core processor. It’s called the Kalos tablet, and the folks at Mobile Geeks got a chance to check out a demo unit at Computex. The tablet features a […]

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BungBungame launches Photon 100 tablet for business

Last month we spotted a tablet from Taiwan’s BungBungame at the FCC website. This week the company officially introduced the BungBungame Photon 100 tablet. The computer has a 1 GHz AMD Z-01 processor, supports up to 4GB of RAM, and a 64GB solid state disk. It runs Windows 7, and the company is targeting the […]