Chuwi’s $300 GT Box mini PC is a cheaper, less powerful HiGame

Chinese computer maker Chuwi’s latest small form factor desktop is called the Chuwi GT Box, and it’s available from Gearbest for $300 for a model with an Intel Core i3-5005U Broadwell processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of solid state storage. The most remarkable thing about this little desktop (aside from its 4-year-old processor) is probably […]

Intel launches 8 new Broadwell and Skylake chips

Intel has added 8 new processors to its lineup including two desktop chips and half a dozen processors for laptops and other lower-power products. As CPU-World notes, some of the new chips are based on Intel’s 6th-gen Intel Core “Skylake” architecture, but there are also a few chips that fit into the older 5th-gen “Broadwell” family. […]

MSI launches fanless mini PC with Intel Broadwell

MSI is updating its WindBox III line of mini computers with new models sporting Intel Broadwell processors. The new WindBox III MS-9A75 is a slim, fanless computer designed for digital signage, kiosks, security systems, or other commercial applications… but it could also make an interesting home theater PC. The computer supports 5th-gen Intel Core i3, […]

Gigabyte BRIX mini PC with Intel Braswell chip coming soon

Gigabyte is getting ready to add a few new computers to its BRIX family of mini PCs. The Gigabyte BRIX GB-BXCE-3205 is a compact computer with a 15 watt Intel Celeron 3205U Haswell processor, while the BRIX GB-BACE-3000 features an even lower-power 4 watt Celeron N3000 Braswell chip. Fanless Tech obtained a document that provides some specs […]

Giada i58B is a tiny desktop with Intel Broadwell

Giada offers a range of small form-factor computers including recent models with Intel Bay Trail and 4th-gen Core “Haswell” chips. The company also recently showed off a prototype of an upcoming device that will feature an Intel 6th-generation Core “Skylake” chip later this year (after Intel actually launches those chips). But what about Intel’s current 5th-gen Core chips, […]

Intel pushes Atom, Braswell, and Core M chips for tablets and 2-in-1 laptops

Intel is taking low-power computing seriously these days. In fact, the company now offers 3 different lines of chips aimed at low-power tablets and 2-in-1 notebooks: the Intel Atom x5 and x7 “Cherry Trail” family, the Intel Celeron and Pentium “Braswell” family, and the Intel Core M “Broadwell Y” family. All of these chips use 6 […]

Zotac’s latest ZBOX nano mini PCs pack Intel Broadwell chips

Zotac is adding a few new models to its ZBOX nano line of tiny desktop computers. The new models feature Intel’s 5th-generation Core “Broadwell” chips, and like earlier members of the ZBOX nano family they’re full-fledged desktops that are small enough to hold in one hand. The Zotac ZBOX MI522 nano features an Intel Core i3-5010U […]

ZaReason Zini 1550 is a Linux mini desktop PC with Intel Broadwell

Linux PC retailer ZaReason has released one of its first computers with an Intel Broadwell processor. The ZaReason Zini 1550 is a tiny desktop computer which sells for $549 and up. It’s based on Intel’s NUC mini PC platform, but unlike some NUC systems, the Zini 1550 comes with memory, storage, and an operating system […]