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Habey shrinks its Broadcom HD video decoder

Habey has introduced a new version of its HD video decoder which is even smaller than the HB-VD904 PCIe mini card the company introduced last summer. The new Habey HB-VD920 is a half height PCI Express Mini card which you can add to any netbook, tablet, or desktop computer to enable support for 1080p HD […]

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Habey sells the Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator for $50

The Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator is a media coprocessor that adds support for HD video playback on computers with slow processors and graphics cards that normally wouldn’t be able to handle high definition video. A handful of netbooks on the market today ship with the card pre-installed, and hackers have been picking up cheap […]

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Adobe Flash works with NVIDIA ION, Tegra, Broadcom hardware – Video

We already knew that Adobe was working with NVIDIA and Broadcom to enabled hardware acceleration for Flash Player 10.1. But sometimes it’s nice to see it in action. I’ve already highlighted videos showing netbooks with Intel Atom processors and NVIDIA ION graphics handling 1080p Flash video… but Blogeee dug up another video that shows even […]

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Acer Aspire One hack: Adding a Broadcom HD video accelerator

Most netbooks with Intel Atom processors and integrated GMA950 graphics can handle 720p HD video. But try playing a 1080p clip and you’re in for a choppy, sluggish, battery-killing experience. Two companies have solutions for that. NVIDIA’s ION platform bundles the Atom processor with a higher performance GeForce 9400M graphics processor. Not only do you […]