Broadcom officially stops trying to buy Qualcomm

After spending the past few months aggressively trying to acquire Qualcomm, chip maker Broadcom is officially withdrawing its offer. That’s not exactly a big surprise: the announcement comes two days after the Trump administration issued an executive order that would have blocked the deal from going through. Broadcom says it’s disappointed by the order, but […]

Trump blocks Broadcom’s effort to takeover Qualcomm for national security concerns

Broadcom has been trying to buy Qualcomm for months, and while Qualcomm’s board has been cool to the proposals so far, Qualcomm has suggested that it might be willing to sell for the right price… assuming the deal wouldn’t run afoul of government regulators. Now it looks like we won’t even get to that last […]

WSJ: Intel considers buying Broadcom… which wants to buy Qualcomm… which is buying NXP…)

It’s starting to look like semiconductor companies are intent on eating each other up until only one is left standing. The latest development? The Wall Street Journal reports that Intel is considering making a bid to acquire Broadcom. Broadcom is the company that’s been trying to initiate a hostile takeover of Qualcomm. And Qualcomm is […]

Qualcomm’s not completely opposed to Broadcom’s takeover bid

It looks like Broadcom’s offer to acquire Qualcomm isn’t falling on deaf ears. In November Broadcom said it wanted to buy the rival chip maker in a deal worth about $130 billion. Qualcomm said no. In a nutshell Qualcomm said the offer undervalued the company’s worth. But Broadcom made another offer, which was also rejected. […]

Broadcom makes a $130 billion offer to buy Qualcomm

It’s official: Broadcom wants to buy Qualcom. The announcement comes just a few days after news of the impending offer was leaked, The deal would bring together two of the world’s largest chip makers, with Broadcom probably best known for making chips used in networking and telecommunications products, and Qualcomm known for producing the CPU […]

Hardkernel’s Raspberry Pi-like ODROID-W discontinued a month after launch

Hardkernel launched a new single-board computer in July that basically takes the guts of a Raspberry Pi mini PC and sticks them in an even smaller package. But just a month after launching the ODROID-W, Hardkernel has announced that once it’s finished selling the units it has in stock the project is kaput. You won’t […]