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Lilbits (1-28-2014): Does Samsung still need Tizen?

Tizen is a Linux-based operating system that’s strongly backed by Intel and Samsung, among others. While its Linux roots could make it an appealing option to hackers, geeks, and open source enthusiasts, it isn’t really designed to give you more control over your device — it’s designed to give hardware companies and wireless carriers more flexibility […]

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Lilbits (7-03-2013): Android 4.3, Samsung acquired Boxee, Feedly gets OPML

One of these days, Google is going to release Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Until then, we’ll have to dig through leaked pre-release builds to figure out what new features may be on the way. We’ve already learned a few things about WiFi and Bluetooth behavior, support for third party […]

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Boxee is discontinuing its PC software, focusing on set-top-boxes, mobile apps

Boxee offers media center software that lets you access music, movies, and internet multimedia all in one place. The company got its start by offering apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Plug your PC into your TV and it turns into a full-fledged, internet-connected home theater system. But today Boxee announced that it will […]

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Boxee Box up for pre-order, NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip replaced with Intel Atom CE4100

Earlier this year the folks at Boxee started showing off an unusually shaped set-top box designed to run the company’s media center software. I got a chance to check out an early prototype at CES and at the time it was sporting a low power NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip capable of playing 1080p HD video. […]