Lilbits: Access Linux files in Windows, sync your Steam games with Chromebooks (in the cloud)

Last month NVIDIA announced that its GeForce Now game streaming service was adding support for Chromebooks, allowing you to stream PC games through a web app, even if you’re using low-end hardware. Now NVIDIA is making it easier to access games you already own, by allowing Chromebook users to sync their Steam game libraries. Meanwhile […]

Lilbits 378: An AMD Ryzen-powered “NUC” and putting Samsung’s Galaxy Fold claims to the test

Intel’s NUC line of computers are compact desktops that are powered by Intel processors… by definition. Intel has the trademark on the NUC name, so any computer that doesn’t have an Intel chip isn’t likely to be called an NUC anytime soon. That said, there are a bunch of third-party mini PCs that look an […]

Bose Frames coming in January for $200: Sunglasses with sound (and audio augmented reality)

Bose is a company best known for making audio products including headphones and speakers. But now the company is getting into a new business: sunglasses. Sort of. Earlier this year the company unveiled a new platform called Bose AR featuring a set of sunglasses with integrated sensors and audio components. Unlike Google Glass, Bose AR […]

Bose AR is an augmented reality platform based on audio

Most of the companies working on augmented reality today are focused on the same thing: video. The idea is to use your phone’s display, smart glasses, or other devices to superimpose virtual items on your real-world environment visually. Bose has an idea that sounds different, because it focuses on… sound. The company is introducing its […]

Google and Bose unveil headphones “optimized for Google Assistant”

Bose is launching the first headphones with built-in support for Google Assistant. As spotted in leaked pictures, the new Bose QuietComort 35 II noise-canceling headphones have a built-in action button that you can use to trigger Google Assistant. You do need to pair the headphones to a phone via Bluetooth though — so it’s not […]

Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones with Google Assistant coming soon (leaks)

Google’s voice assistant service is already available on Android phones and smart speakers like Google Home, and it’s coming soon to third-party devices like the upcoming JBL Link and Sony LG-S50G smart speakers. But it also looks like Google Assistant is coming to headphones. One of the first sets with Google Assistant baked in will […]