Lilbits: Intel Beast Canyon NUC, an open source, configurable keyboard, and the down side of fast charging

Intel recently teased an upcoming NUC 11 Extreme compact, modular gaming desktop computer with 11th-gen Core processors, code-named “Beast Canyon.” But the company didn’t say¬†which 11th-gen chips it would have. Now we know that at least some models will have a pretty powerful Tiger Lake chip. Xiaomi recently showed off a 200W fast charging system […]

Install Windows 10 on a Mac with Apple’s Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a software program that allows Mac users to partition their computer in order to install the Microsoft Windows operating system. Today, the company released an updated version of Boot Camp¬†with support for Windows 10. Boot Camp 6, which is rolling out across compatible systems now, supports 64-bit versions of Windows 10. The […]