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Gigabyte T1132 notebook, tablet, desktop hybrid at the FCC

The Gigabyte Booktop 1132 is a computer designed for anyone that can’t choose between a laptop, a tablet, or a desktop. It aims to be all three. You can use the computer as a standard laptop, twist the screen and fold it back over the keyboard for use as a tablet, or close the lid […]

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Gigabyte Booktop T1132N: It’s a laptop, tablet, and desktop PC

Way back in 2009, before the iPad hit the streets, when people talked about tablet computers they typically meant Windows notebooks with touchscreen displays that could be folded flat for use in slate mode. Those convertible laptop-style tablets are still around though… and Gigabyte has just released a new model that takes things to another […]

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Gigabyte M1005 netbook with docking station now shipping

Gigabyte’s Booktop line of netbooks stand out from the crowd not by offering faster processors, higher resolution displays, or applying any of the usual tricks. Instead, these otherwise normal looking netbooks come with docking stations that let you rest the mini-laptop on its side, plug in a keyboard, mouse, and external display, and use the […]

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Gigabyte Booktop M1005 dual core netbook gets the hands-on treatment

The Gigabyte M1005 is the second “Booktop” style netbook from Gigabyte. That means that while the device looks like a typical netbook at first glance, you can close the lid and stand up the laptop in a docking station, plug in a keyboard, mouse and display and use it like a desktop computer. What sets […]

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Gigabyte’s Booktop netbook gets the dual core treatment

It looks like the Gigabyte Q2005 we spotted yesterday isn’t the only member of Gigabyte’s netbook family that’s getting a dual core upgrade. The company has also added the Gigabyte M1005 to its netbook line, with a 1.5GHz Intel Atom N550 dual core CPU. The M1005 is similar to the company’s earlier Booktop netbooks, which […]

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Gigabyte Booktop M1022 unboxed, reviewed in German – Video

The Gigabyte TouchNote T1028X is nice and all, but it costs nearly $700. If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable from Gigabyte, and don’t care so much about the touchscreen, the company’s Booktop M1022 might be more up your alley. At $498, it’s still not the cheapest netbook around, but the Booktop M1022 […]

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Gigabyte M1022 Booktop unboxed, posed with a Nintendo Wii – Videos

Gigabyte is getting ready to unleash the M1022 Booktop netbook on the world, and a number of videos related to the upcoming mini-laptop are showing on up on YouTube. The Booktop’s claim to fame is that it ships with a unique docking station that lets you stand the computer on its side, plug in a […]

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Gigabyte launches product pages for its newest netbooks

Last month Gigabyte announced three new netbook models at CeBIT. Since then we’ve been teased with product reviews, FCC filings, and store listings. Now Gigabyte has finally added listings for all three mini-laptops to its web site, complete with detailed specs and downloadable user manuals. Gigabyte Touch Note: Touchscreen convertible tablet with a 10.1 inch […]

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Gigabyte M1022 Booktop passes through the FCC, dock explained

The soon-to-be-released Gigabyte M1022 Booktop is an unusual little netbook in that it’s designed to be used either as a portable laptop or as a desktop-style computer. Gigabyte will ship this computer with a special docking station that lets the computer stand vertically while you plug in a mouse, keyboard, and external monitor. This week […]