Google Play now offers audiobooks

As expected, Google is now selling audiobooks through the Google Play Store. Customers in 45 countries can find audiobooks in 9 languages, along with all the other things that Google sells through the Play Store (including apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books). Google notes that you can listen to purchased books using an Android […]

Buy a book from Amazon, get a Kindle copy for $3 or less

Amazon’s Kindle MatchBook program is now live, which means if you buy select books from you qualify to pick up a digital copy of the same book for $2.99 or less. The company unveiled the program in September, and Amazon has spent the last few months getting authors and publishers on board. At launch, […]

Apple launches iBooks 2, supports interactive iPad textbooks

Apple wants to re-invent the textbook for the digital age. The company unveiled iBooks 2 for the iPad today, with support for digital textbooks that make use of nifty new features including video 3D animations, image galleries, and other features that your old physics textbook would scoff at. Digital textbooks are also easier to keep […]