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Lilbits (3-05-2014): Google Android finds its voice

One of the key features of Google Android is its voice recognition and text-to-speech engine which lets you talk to your phone and receive spoken replies. But if your phone’s voice has always sounded a bit… basic, the latest version of the Google Text-to-Speech app could improve things dramatically. Instead of voice data files that […]

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Bodhi brings a tablet-friendly Linux OS to the Nexus 7

Ubuntu isn’t the only Linux-based operating system that can run on the Google Nexus 7 tablet. Bodhi Linux developer Jeff Hoogland has piggybacked on Canonica’s work with Ubuntu to offer a tool that lets you install Bodhi on the $199 tablet. Bodhi Linux uses the light-weight Enlightennment Desktop which, among other things, offers a touchscreen […]

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Bodhi Linux Alpha for ARM runs on the $249 Samsung Chromebook

Bodhi Linux is a light-weight Linux-based operating system designed to run on a range of different types of hardware. The latest addition to the Bodhi family? Samsung’s $249 Chromebook — the one with a low-power Samsung Exynos 5 ARM Cortex-A15 processor. Bodhi developer Jeff Hoogland released an early build of Bodhi for the Samsung Chromebook […]

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First pre-release Bodhi Linux 2.0 builds available

Developer Jeff Hoogland has released the first pre-release build of Bodhi Linux 2.0. While there aren’t a ton of new features, Bodhi 2.0 is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Up until recently Bodhi was based on the 2-year-old Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Among other things, that means there’s now a 64-bit version of Bodhi available for […]

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Bodhi Linux 1.4 is a speedy, customizable OS for tablets, notebooks, desktops

Bodhi Linux is a light-weight operating system based on Ubuntu. It’s highly customizable and ships with a fraction of the pre-loaded apps you’ll find in Ubuntu. But the key difference between Bodhi and the main branch of Ubuntu is that Bodhi Linux uses the Enlightenment desktop manager and offers a choice of environments suitable for […]