Hardware powered by Google’s Fuchsia OS could be coming soon (Nest Hub with Fuchsia 1.0 hits the Bluetooth SIG)

Google’s Android operating system powers most of the world’s smartphones. Google’s Chrome OS is gaining ground in the laptop space, particularly in the education market. But Google has also been developing another operating system called Fuchsia for the past few years. It just hasn’t been clear what the operating system is for (will it replace […]

Bluetooth to get faster, longer range in 2016

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is outlining some of its plans for the coming year and, among other things, it looks like next-gen Bluetooth hardware should support higher data transfer speeds and wireless connections across longer distances. Mesh networking is also on the table, allowing Bluetooth devices to connect to a network by connecting […]

Microsoft MS1 hits the Bluetooth SIG (maybe a Surface phone?)

An unannounced Microsoft smartphone recently showed up at the Bluetooth SIG website, accompanied by listings for the new Lumia 950 and 950 XL smartphones. The surprise model is referred to as the Microsoft ms1, and there are virtually no details about it… but it’s interesting to note that it’s model number doesn’t look like those […]