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Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 with a DeX button is made for tablets, phones, and PCs

Samsung is holding an event later this month where the company is expected to launch several new Galaxy-branded laptops and tablets. And it looks like new accessories are on the way as well. After publishing details about the new Samsung Keyboard Trio 500 on the Samsung Levant website earlier this month, Samsung has now confirmed that the […]

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DIY smartphone keyboard made from salvaged Psion 5 PDA parts

An official PinePhone keyboard accessory is on the way, and a handful of modern phones even have physical keyboards built-in. But some folks have been making their own DIY keyboard solutions for the PinePhone and other smartphones for a while. One hardware hacker decided to do that by pairing a bit of new tech with […]

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Lilbits (3-06-2015): Will you need a Nexus 6 to use Google’s cellular network?

Google plans to launch a wireless network soon — but it won’t be a rival to AT&T or Verizon. Instead, Google’s Sundar Pichai has said it’ll be a small-scale effort to test new technology that lets phones seamlessly transition from WiFi to 4G LTE. How small scale? Well, it’s not clear what geographic markets the […]

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Logitech K480 is a Bluetooth keyboard for up to 3 devices

Bluetooth keyboards for mobile devices are a dime a dozen… but that doesn’t mean you want to buy a dozen different keyboards for all your phones and tablets. Logitech has an interesting alternative: a Multi-device keyboard designed to work with up to 3 different devices. The Logitech K480 multi-device keyboard is now available for $50. […]

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CSR shows off wireless keyboard that’s just 0.5mm thick

It’s hard to make a keyboard that provides both tactile feedback and which is super thin… so some folks don’t even try. The Microsoft Surface Touch Cover, for instance, is a keyboard without moving keys. You just touch the surface to type. That makes it thinner than a typical keyboard cover for a tablet. But […]