Crowdfunded portable cassette player is the first with Bluetooth 5.0 (if that’s something you want)

Tape cassettes have been making a surprising (if small) comeback in recent years, with a growing number of musicians releasing albums in the format. Sure, they don’t have the same level of sound quality as CD, vinyl, or even Hi-Fi digital streaming. They’re not as convenient as digital, since you have to manually fast forward […]

Zanco S-Pen Is A Bluetooth Multi-tool For Mobile Office Warriors

Smartphones help us perform thousands of different tasks and keep us connected 24-7. Sometimes that’s more of a headache than a convenience. A new device offers a possible solution: leave your giant smartphone behind and tuck a giant pen-like thing in your pocket instead. A company called Zanco has launched a Kickstarter project for a […]

Google expands Fast Pair to streamline setup of Bluetooth audio devices

A year after rolling out technology designed to make it easier (and faster) to pair Bluetooth accessories with Android devices, Google is expanding its Fast Pair ecosystem in a few key ways. First, Google says more Bluetooth headphones and speakers will support Fast Pair soon. Second, the company is bringing Fast Pair to Chromebooks. And third, […]

Windows 10 build 17639 RS5 brings Sets updates, Bluetooth battery percentage

One of my favorite things Google added to recent versions of Android is the ability to see the battery level of connected Bluetooth devices from the Quick Settings drop-down. While I’m a big fan of using Bluetooth headphones on in order to avoid getting tangled up in wires, it can be kind of a pain […]

Qualcomm promises new and improved Bluetooth audio features

Qualcomm is making a whole bunch of announcements ahead of Mobile World Congress, including launch details (and carrier partners) for the first Windows on ARM PCs, the introduction of a new Snapdragon 845-powered VR headset platform, a new AI platform, and a new 802.11ax-ready solution for phones, tablets, and laptops. But Qualcomm also has a few Bluetooth […]

Windows Defender becomes Windows Security (and other changes in Windows 10 build 17093)

Another week, another new preview build of Windows 10 for members of the Windows Insider Preview program. But this week’s update is kind of a big one, and it provides a peek at some changes that’ll make their way to all Windows 10 users later this year. Among other things, Windows 10 Insider Preview Build […]