BlueStacks 5 will soon let you run Android apps on Macs and PCs with ARM chips

BlueStacks has been offering software that lets you run Android apps on Windows PCs for almost a decade. But the company says it’s upcoming BlueStack 5 release is a major update that will bring performance and efficiency improvements to the Android emulator. And while the Bluestacks 5 Beta that’s available for download only runs on Intel […]

BlueStacks 4 released with promise of speedier Android app performance on PCs

Android emulator BlueStacks is a program that makes it possible to run Android applications on a PC or Mac. The free utility first launched in 2011, but it’s been through a number of major updates over the years, and this week BlueStacks released a new version designed to offer better performance. BlueStacks 4 also brings […]

BlueStacks launches Android Nougat beta, lets you run Android apps on a PC

BlueStacks has been offering software that lets you run Android apps on a Windows or Mac computer for years by essentially installing a complete Android system that you can run on your PC like an app (which you then use to run other apps). Now BlueStacks has released a new beta based on Android 7.x Nougat, […]

Stream Android games to Twitch from your PC with BlueStacks

Want to stream your Android gaming session over the internet so friends and strangers can watch you play and listen to your commentary? Google offers a way to stream from your phone or tablet to YouTube, and if you have an NVIDIA Shield Tablet, you can stream to Twitch. There are other methods, but they tend […]

BlueStacks gets major update, now runs multiple apps at once

BlueStacks, a program that allows you to use Android apps on a PC or Mac has received a major overhaul. BlueStacks 2 features multitasking capabilities, allowing you to open and run multiple apps at once. Apps are displayed as web browser-like tabs that you can click on to switch between, so you can keep Messenger open while playing Clash […]

Now you can run Android apps on a Mac (with BlueStacks)

BlueStacks has been offering Windows users a tool that lets them install and run Android apps on a PC for years. Now BlueStacks is also available for Mac. It’s available as a free download from BlueStacks is basically an emulator that lets you run Android apps on a non-Android device. You can use you […]

Intel and AMD are both pushing Windows and Android “Dual OS” strategies

Intel and AMD are both pushing new technology that lets users run Android and Windows 8.1 on the same device without rebooting. AMD is doing that by partnering with BlueStacks, a company that’s been making software that lets you run an Android environment within Windows for the past few years. Intel, on the other hand, […]