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The slow death of the disc drive continues (next Xbox One may not have one)

Readers of a certain age probably amassed a significant collection of CDs, DVDs, and maybe even Blu-ray discs in the days before digital downloads largely took over (and vinyl made a somewhat comeback). These days you don’t see a lot of CD or DVD players at electronics stores. And it’s becoming more and more rare […]

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Panasonic still makes 2 pound laptops with optical disc drives (for Japanese market)

If you want a laptop with a DVD or Blu-ray drive in the United States, you’re probably going to have to look for a model with a big screen and a thick and heavy chassis. Most companies making ultraportable PCs sacrificed optical disc drives for thin-and-light designs years ago. But if you happen to be […]

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Zotac ZBOX AD03BR nettop packs AMD chip, Blu-Ray drive

Zotac’s latest mini-desktop computer may be a low power machine compared with most full-sized desktops, but it’s got the kind of hardware that will put most nettops to shame. The Zotac ZBOX AD03BR-PLUS is a slim desktop system with a 1.6 GHz AMD E-350 dual core processor and AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics. While that […]

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Plextor introduces USB powered Blu-Ray drive for under $100

Remember when portable Blu-Ray drives were ridiculously expensive? Well the Plextor PX-B120U certainly isn’t going to come quite as cheap as a DVD drive, but this little Blu-Ray drive runs just $99.99. So now I guess they’re just kind of expensive. The drive also happens to be USB powered, which means you don’t need to […]

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DosPara special edition notebook has dual core Atom, Blu-Ray drive

Japanese PC maker DosPara is no stranger to pushing the limits of netbooks and ultraportable laptops. The company was one of the first to put out a notebook with a dual core Atom 330 CPU and NVIDIA ION graphics, for example. But DosPara’s latest notebook ups the game with the addition of a Blu-Ray drive. […]