Some smartphones have been secretly sending text messages, other data to Chinese servers

Researchers at mobile security firm Kryptowire have discovered software running on some smartphones that sends sensitive data to a server in China without clearly making that clear to users. One of the phone makers with affected models is Florida-based Blu Products, maker of the popular BLU R1 HD smartphone that Amazon sold for as little […]

BLU R1 Plus smartphone coming soon (possibly another Amazon Prime Exclusive)

The BLU R1 HD is a cheap smartphone that probably wouldn’t have gotten much attention when it launched the summer if it weren’t for a deal that made it really cheap: as an Amazon Prime Exclusive smartphone, you could buy one for as little as $50. For that price, you get a phone with a 5 […]

Amazon & BLU’s $50 smartphone hacked: Root & custom recovery now available

It’s been less than a month since Amazon started selling two deeply discounted smartphones that come with ads on the lock screen and notification tray. Unsurprisingly it didn’t take long for someone to root the Moto G4 Prime Exclusive and eliminate the ads on that $150 version of the phone. But Amazon also offers an even cheaper […]

Amazon offers discounts on phones with lock screen ads (Moto G4 for $125 and up)

Amazon has been selling Kindle eReaders and Fire tablets with “special offers” for a few years, allowing you to save around $15 on the purchase price in exchange for viewing ads on the lock screen and in a few other places. Now the company is bringing special offers to third-party devices. Amazon is offering deep […]