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Universal Android Debloater disables unwanted system apps, no root required

Most Android devices come with at least a few basic apps pre-installed. Some come with a lot of apps that you may not want or need. And while this isn’t something that’s unique to Android device, the bloatware that often comes with Windows PCs can usually be uninstalled. Android bloatware is a tougher nut to […]

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Windows 10 Build 18262 lets you remove more pre-installed apps, see which apps are DPI aware

The latest major update to Windows 10 didn’t exactly go as planned. But while beta testers are continuing to evaluate the Windows 10 October 2018 Update before it rolls out to the public, Microsoft has released a new preview build of the next version of Windows. Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18262 is rolling out now, […]

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Asus says Android 6.0 will replace (some) bloatware from its phones

The Asus Zenfone 2 which launched in 2015 has pretty great hardware for a mid-range phone, but I was a little taken aback by amount of unnecessary apps that come pre-installed: I counted 36. Now Asus is outlining plans for the next major software update for the Zenfone 2 and a bunch of other phones… and […]

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Microsoft Office and Skype to come with Android tablets from 30+ companies

Buy a Windows laptop or desktop computer from most companies, and odds are it comes with a little bloatware: PC makers have a habit of loading a few of their own apps, plus software from partners (who may have paid for a place on your computer). One place where you can buy Windows laptops with […]

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Bye Bye Bloatware: Lenovo promises cleaner, safer PCs (Superfish fallout)

Lenovo says it will stop pre-loading unnecessary software on its computers later this year. In a statement released today, the company says when it launches its first PCs running Windows 10 software they’ll be free of all bloatware and adware. The announcement comes at a time when Lenovo is taking a lot of flak for […]

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Lenovo is rethinking bloatware in a post-Superfish world

Last week Lenovo acknowledged that it had been shipping consumer PCs with software called Superfish which the company now acknowledges added no value for users… and which it turns out also compromised the security of the computers which were running the software. The company subsequently released tools to remove Superfish from all of its computers […]

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Microsoft Signature Series: Windows PCs without bloatware

You know how when you buy a new PC it usually comes not just with the latest version of Microsoft Windows, but also umpteen different apps and special offers cluttering the desktop? There’s a decent chance you don’t actually want or need most of those programs — and they may even be slowing down your […]