Blackphone sends software update that bricks unauthorized devices

Silent Circle’s Blackphone line of smartphones are designed to be super-secure devices that run a modified version of Google Android called Silent OS that places an emphasis on privacy and security. But it’s hard to ensure that a device is secure if it’s purchased from an unauthorized seller, since the “Blackphone” you buy from eBay […]

Lawsuit reveals privacy-focused Blackphone was a sales flop

A few years after launching a line of smartphones designed to protect users privacy and security, the makers of the Blackphone are taking one another to court. Swiss software company Silent Circle had partnered with Spanish phone maker Geeksphone to make the Blackphone and Blackphone 2. But court documents reveal that the companies overestimated demand […]

Silent Circle’s Blackphone 2 smartphone coming in September

Silent Circle launched the original Blackphone in 2014. It’s a smartphone with an Android-based operating system called PrivatOS that attempts to put privacy and security front and center. Now the company is getting ready to launch it’s second phone. The Blackphone 2 should be available in September. The new model features a 5.5 inch, 1920 […]

Geeksphone stops making phones, shifts to wearables

Spanish device maker Geeksphone has produced a few interesting, but niche products over the past few years. That includes some of the first phones to ship with Firefox OS, a multi-OS phone capable of running either Android or Mozilla software, and a super-secure smartphone developed in partnership with privacy and security firm Silent Circle. But after […]

Blackphone 2 and Blackphone+ Tablet launching this year for the privacy-minded set

The Blackphone is a smartphone that launched last year which featured a custom version of Android and an emphasis on privacy and security. Now the makers of the Blackphone are getting ready to launch two new devices: a phone with better specs and a tablet. The Blackphone 2 smartphone should launch this summer, while the Blackphone+ tablet […]

Blackphone’s smartphone for the paranoid now shipping for $629

The Blackphone is a smartphone for folks who aren’t satisfied with the privacy and security features offered by Android, iOS, or other popular operating systems… and who are willing to pay a premium price for those features. First announced earlier this year, the Blackphone is now shipping to customers who pre-ordered. A new round of […]

Blackphone to ship in July (to folks willing to spend $629 for privacy)

The Blackphone is a $629 smartphone aimed at folks who value privacy. While it has the specs of a mid-range smartphone, it stands out due to  custom version of Android called PrivatOS as well as apps and services that put an emphasis on privacy. For instance the phone lets you make encrypted voice and video calls […]

Blackphone releases detailed specs for privacy-oriented smartphone

The makers of the Blackphone want to deliver a smartphone with a strong focus on security and privacy. The phone’s hardware is kind of secondary to the security features included encrypted communications and mobile VPN service for anonymous data use. But while the BlackPhone won’t exactly have the same top-tier specs as the latest Samsung, […]

Blackphone promises complete privacy, but what will it deliver?

Privacy-minded smartphone users, take heed. There’s a new handset coming called Blackphone, and its creators want you to know that it’s being built from the ground up to provide the most secure smartphone experience possible. But will it live up to the hype? The Blackphone team is comprised of some heavy hitters in the digital […]