BlackBerry Messenger may become a subscription service (for enterprise customers)

There was a time when BlackBerry pretty much dominated the smartphone space, but that was a time when there also wasn’t as much strong competition. These days BlackBerry has stopped making its own hardware and sells phones built by TCL that run Google’s Android operating system. But they still have some BlackBerry DNA in them, […]

TCL teases its next BlackBerry smartphone: Physical keyboard and Android Nougat

New BlackBerry phones are coming this year, but now that BlackBerry has outsourced production of phones bearing the company’s name to TCL, it’s TCL that’s making the announcement. The first new BlackBerry phone of the year will be fully unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February. But here’s what we know so far: it runs […]

The next BlackBerry phone may have keyboard, Android 7.0

BlackBerry may not be building its own phones anymore, but that doesn’t mean that the company’s new hardware partner TCL isn’t working on phones that have a distinctively BlackBerry look. A set of images purported to show a BlackBerry phone with a hardware keyboard have been making the rounds recently. Now Roland Quandt has posted […]

TCL to unveil BlackBerry-branded phone plans at CES

BlackBerry may not be making its own smartphones anymore, but it looks like new BlackBerry-branded phones are coming soon. TCL and BlackBerry recently announced a global deal that will have TCL building Android with the BlackBerry name on them… and with BlackBerry’s communications, security, and other software. The deal didn’t come completely out of the blue: […]

BlackBerry sees path to profitability following shift from hardware to software

BlackBerry’s name was once synonymous with “smartphone.” But times have changed, with iOS and Android now dominating the smartphone space. Phones running BlackBerry’s own operating system have a virtually insignificant market share. So the company tried something new starting last year: it released an Android smartphone called the BlackBerry Priv that uses Google’s operating system, […]

TCL will continue making BlackBerry-branded phones

BlackBerry’s two most recent smartphones weren’t actually built by BlackBerry. Instead, the DTEK50 and DTEK60 smartphones with Blackberry software and the BlackBerry name were designed and built by TCL, the company behind the Alcatel line of smartphones. Now it looks like the two companies will continue to work together… but in a slightly different way. […]

BlackBerry DTEK60 Android smartphone now available for $499

After leaking in September and going up for pre-order at some stores earlier this month, BlackBerry’s most powerful Android phone to date is now available for purchase. You can buy the Blackberry DTEK60 from the BlackBerry Shop for $499. As expected, the phone features a 5.5 inch, 2560 x 1440 pixel AMOLED display, a Qualcomm […]

BlackBerry DTEK60 smartphones up for pre-order for $500

BlackBerry’s next Android-powered smartphone is now available for pre-order. B&H is selling the DTEK60 for $500. No release date is listed yet, but the phone is said to be “coming soon.” As expected the BlackBerry DTEK60 seems to be the big sibling to the DTEK50 that launched earlier this year. It has a similar design and […]

BlackBerry could license BB 10 operating system for use on other phones

Every smartphone BlackBerry has released in the past year has run Google’s Android operating system. But the company continues to support older phones that run its own BlackBerry 10 OS, and in an interview with The Register, BlackBerry VP Alex Thurber says the company is open to licensing BlackBerry 10 to other device makers. It remains […]

BlackBerry ends all hardware development to focus on software

When BlackBerry launched the DTEK50 smartphone, it didn’t take long for people to figure out that it was basically an Acatel Idol 4 smartphone running BlackBerry software. And the upcoming (and unannounced) DTEK60 seems to be a higher-end model based on the Alcatel Idol 4S. So maybe it’s not surprising that BlackBerry has declared it’s […]