A new BlackBerry tablet may be on the way (running Android, built by a partner)

BlackBerry released its first (and last) tablet in 2011. The BlackBerry PlayBook had hardware that was virtually identical to the original Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. But it was more than twice the price of Amazon’s tablet and featured a new tablet-friendly version of the BlackBerry operating system instead of an Android-based OS. Early reviews weren’t exactly […]

BlackBerry Aurora touchscreen smartphone listed by Indonesian retailer

The BlackBerry KeyOne smartphone hasn’t started shipping yet, but details about the next BlackBerry phone continue to leak. Yesterday we saw the first photos of a toucshcreen-only BlackBerry phone allegedly called the BBC100-1. Now redditors have spotted a listing for the phone at an Indonesian online store. The phone is listed as the BlackBerry Aurora and […]

This may be the next BlackBerry phone (without a keyboard)

TCL made the first major announcement of this year’s Mobile World Congress by unveiling the BlackBerry KeyOne smartphone with Google Android software and a physical keyboard. But the company is also expected to launch a few other BlackBerry-branded phones this year, and it looks like the folks at CrackBerry have already spotted a pre-release version […]

BlackBerry KeyOne smartphone features QWERTY keyboard, modern specs

The BlackBerry name used to be synonymous with smartphones featuring built-in keyboards. There aren’t as many of those as there used to be, but the company’s first Android smartphone had a slide-out keyboard, and after launching a few touchscreen-only devices, the company’s latest Android phone has a keyboard below the screen, giving it the look of […]

BlackBerry Messenger may become a subscription service (for enterprise customers)

There was a time when BlackBerry pretty much dominated the smartphone space, but that was a time when there also wasn’t as much strong competition. These days BlackBerry has stopped making its own hardware and sells phones built by TCL that run Google’s Android operating system. But they still have some BlackBerry DNA in them, […]

TCL teases its next BlackBerry smartphone: Physical keyboard and Android Nougat

New BlackBerry phones are coming this year, but now that BlackBerry has outsourced production of phones bearing the company’s name to TCL, it’s TCL that’s making the announcement. The first new BlackBerry phone of the year will be fully unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February. But here’s what we know so far: it runs […]

The next BlackBerry phone may have keyboard, Android 7.0

BlackBerry may not be building its own phones anymore, but that doesn’t mean that the company’s new hardware partner TCL isn’t working on phones that have a distinctively BlackBerry look. A set of images purported to show a BlackBerry phone with a hardware keyboard have been making the rounds recently. Now Roland Quandt has posted […]

TCL to unveil BlackBerry-branded phone plans at CES

BlackBerry may not be making its own smartphones anymore, but it looks like new BlackBerry-branded phones are coming soon. TCL and BlackBerry recently announced a global deal that will have TCL building Android with the BlackBerry name on them… and with BlackBerry’s communications, security, and other software. The deal didn’t come completely out of the blue: […]

BlackBerry sees path to profitability following shift from hardware to software

BlackBerry’s name was once synonymous with “smartphone.” But times have changed, with iOS and Android now dominating the smartphone space. Phones running BlackBerry’s own operating system have a virtually insignificant market share. So the company tried something new starting last year: it released an Android smartphone called the BlackBerry Priv that uses Google’s operating system, […]

TCL will continue making BlackBerry-branded phones

BlackBerry’s two most recent smartphones weren’t actually built by BlackBerry. Instead, the DTEK50 and DTEK60 smartphones with Blackberry software and the BlackBerry name were designed and built by TCL, the company behind the Alcatel line of smartphones. Now it looks like the two companies will continue to work together… but in a slightly different way. […]