BlackBerry World app store won’t offer paid apps after April 1, 2018

BlackBerry doesn’t make phones that run BlackBerry OS anymore, and the company has announced that it’ll stop supporting the operating system and its associated app store at the end of 2019. But it looks like BlackBerry is going to cripple the BlackBerry experience a little sooner than that. BlackBerry is notifying app developers that it […]

BlackBerry to phase out support for BB10 and BBOS by end of 2019

There hasn’t been a new smartphone running BlackBerry OS since 2015, but BlackBerry hasn’t gone all-in on Android software just yet. The company continues to support devices running BB10 and Blackberry OS… for now. But the clock is ticking. BlackBerry has announced it’ll pull the plug on the BlackBerry World app store on December 31st, […]

TCL launches BlackBerry Motion touchscreen smartphone

As expected, the latest BlackBerry phone is the first to feature a waterproof design. The BlackBerry Motion also has the biggest battery of any Blackberry-branded smartphone to date, thanks to the 4,000 mAh battery. Like most recent BlackBerry-branded devices, the Motion is actually built by Chinese device maker TCL. But the Android smartphone ships with […]

BlackBerry smartwatches? Timex and BlackBerry announce patent license deal

BlackBerry doesn’t make its own smartphones anymore. Instead the company licenses its intellectual property to companies including TCL and Optiemus who build and sell phones like the BlackBerry KeyOne and DTEK60. Now it looks like BlackBerry may be planning a similar move for smartwatches. Maybe. Timex and BlackBerry announced a patent license agreement this week, […]

BlackBerry may license secure Android software to third-party phone makers

BlackBerry pretty much pulled out of the hardware business last year. The last three BlackBerry-branded smartphones to hit the streets? They’re all manufactured by Chinese device maker TCL due to a licensing agreement. But the DTEK50, DTEK60, and KeyOne do have some BlackBerry DNA that goes beyond the brand name. They also have BlackBerry’s version […]

BlackBerry KeyOne launches in India… with better specs, different manufacturer

When BlackBerry stopped making its own smartphones, the company partnered with Chinese electronics company TCL to build and distribute BlackBerry-branded phones around the world… with the exception of a few countries, such as India. So when BlackBerry and TCL launched the KeyOne smartphone with a physical keyboard earlier this year, t wasn’t available in India. […]

New BlackBerry KeyOne phones feature sturdier construction

The BlackBerry KeyOne is probably the best Android phone with a physical keyboard on the market right now… partly because it’s one of the only current Android phones with a physical keyboard, but also because it gets mostly positive reviews for performance, battery life, and most importantly, the keyboard. Unfortunately some folks have also discovered that […]

The next TCL/BlackBerry phone has a 1080p display (no word on the keyboard)

The latest BlackBerry-branded smartphone to hit the streets features a classic BlackBerry design with a physical keyboard placed below a 1620 x 1080 pixel display. But the next BlackBerry device might look a bit more like the BlackBerry DTEK50, DTEK60 and Priv smartphones. Members of the CrackBerry forums noticed user agent profiles for an unannounced device […]