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A new BlackBerry tablet may be on the way (running Android, built by a partner)

BlackBerry released its first (and last) tablet in 2011. The BlackBerry PlayBook had hardware that was virtually identical to the original Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. But it was more than twice the price of Amazon’s tablet and featured a new tablet-friendly version of the BlackBerry operating system instead of an Android-based OS. Early reviews weren’t exactly […]

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BlackBerry’s next tablet could be aimed at enterprise

BlackBerry’s first foray into the tablet space didn’t go too well. The company’s BlackBerry PlayBookwas unveiled in 2010, launched in 2011, and never sold particularly well. BlackBerry eventually marked down the price significantly and never got around to releasing a follow-up. But the BlackBerry-watching bloggers at n4bb say it looks like there could be a […]

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Lilbits (5-14-2013): The future of BlackBerry tablets

BlackBerry made a few big announcements during the kick-off to the BlackBerry Live conference today. There are over 120,000 apps available for BlackBerry 10. BBM is coming to Android and iOS. And the BlackBerry Q5 phone is coming soon to emerging markets. But what about tablets? It’s been a few years since the launch of […]

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BlackBerry CEO Thorstein Heins sees no future for tablets

BlackBerry doesn’t have a great track record with predicting the future. The company may have dominated the US smartphone space a decade ago thanks to support for corporate networks and phones with QWERTY keyboards. But BlackBerry has been struggling in recent years to keep up with Apple and Google in the mobile space. So I’m […]

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Next-gen BlackBerry tablet coming in Q3, 2013? Nope

Update: It looks like this was just an early April Fool’s prank… although that doesn’t mean we won’t see a new BlackBerry tablet at some point. It’s been to years since the BlackBerry PlayBook hit the market, and the tablet space has changed a lot since the introduction of that 7 inch tablet. Hundreds of […]

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Now you can install the Android Market on a (rooted) BlackBerry PlayBook

Now that the BlackBerry PlayBook has been rooted, developers are figuring out neat things you can do with root access. One of the first is to install the Android Market to make downloading and installing Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook easier. The PlayBook runs software based on QNX and can run native apps as […]

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Now you can root the BlackBerry PlayBook with Dingleberry

Independent developer Chris Wade has released a public beta of a tool that can root a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. It’s called Dingleberry, and it’s available for Windows computers. A Mac version is coming soon. Dingleberry grants users escalated privileges on the tablet, allowing you to access files and settings that would otherwise be off limits. […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook review roundup

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is set to go on sale April 19th with a starting price of $500. The tablet has a speedy dual core processor, supports Adobe Flash, and in addition to native apps, it will eventually be able to run Android apps. So how does it compare to the Apple iPad, Motorola XOOM, […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook coming April 19th for $499 and up (pre-order today)

Research in Motion has unveiled the official pricing and release information for the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. It will ship in the US and Canada on April 19th, with prices starting at $499: $499 for a 16GB model $599 for a 32GB model $699 for a 64GB model The PlayBook will be available from AT&T, […]