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BlackBerry OS devices may stop working on January 4, 2022

BlackBerry stopped shipping phones and tablets with its own software years ago, switching to Android in 2015 before shifting from a hardware company to a software company and outsourcing design of BlackBerry-branded phones to other companies. But if you’ve been hanging onto an older BlackBerry phone running BlackBerry OS, you’ve been able to continue using […]

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BlackBerry’s next tablet could be aimed at enterprise

BlackBerry’s first foray into the tablet space didn’t go too well. The company’s BlackBerry PlayBookwas unveiled in 2010, launched in 2011, and never sold particularly well. BlackBerry eventually marked down the price significantly and never got around to releasing a follow-up. But the BlackBerry-watching bloggers at n4bb say it looks like there could be a […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook tablet won’t get any more significant updates

BlackBerry recently confirmed that it had cancelled plans to bring the BlackBerry 10 operating system to its first 7 inch tablet. Now vice president Alec Saunders has confirmed that the BlackBerry PlayBook won’t be receiving any significant updates. That means you won’t even see a new web browser, keyboard, or other BB10 features or support for […]

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Why the BlackBerry PlayBook is still worth buying

The BlackBerry PlayBook probably isn’t at the top of anyone’s tablet wishlist right now — not that it’s ever been high on the list for most shoppers. Sales have never been particularly strong, and the recent announcement that the PlayBook won’t be upgraded to BlackBerry 10 didn’t help. Nevertheless, the PlayBook is an option worth […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook is never getting BlackBerry 10 software update

That’s all folks. BlackBerry has confirmed that it won’t be releasing a BlackBerry 10 software update for its 7 inch tablet. Despite the fact that the BlackBerry PlayBook already runs software that looks a lot like BB10, CEO Thorstein Heins says the company has’t been satisfied with the way the new operating system performs on the […]

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Lilbits (5-14-2013): The future of BlackBerry tablets

BlackBerry made a few big announcements during the kick-off to the BlackBerry Live conference today. There are over 120,000 apps available for BlackBerry 10. BBM is coming to Android and iOS. And the BlackBerry Q5 phone is coming soon to emerging markets. But what about tablets? It’s been a few years since the launch of […]

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BlackBerry CEO Thorstein Heins sees no future for tablets

BlackBerry doesn’t have a great track record with predicting the future. The company may have dominated the US smartphone space a decade ago thanks to support for corporate networks and phones with QWERTY keyboards. But BlackBerry has been struggling in recent years to keep up with Apple and Google in the mobile space. So I’m […]

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Deals of the Day (1-17-2013)

When the BlackBerry PlayBook hit the streets in 2011, the company charged $499 and up for the 7 inch tablet. Now you can pick up a pre-owned model from Best Buy subsidiary CowBoom for 1/5th that price. The tablet runs RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook OS which means there aren’t as many apps available for it as […]

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Blackberry PlayBook gets a little harder to find (if anyone’s still looking)

In the market for a 7 inch BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet? You won’t find one at Walmart, Best Buy, or Staples. The folks at Computer World noticed that a number of US retailers are no longer offering the tablet from Canadian phone maker Research in Motion. You can still pick one up from RIM’s BlackBerry Store. […]