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BlackBerry Messenger is shutting down on May 31st (update: not really)

There was a time when BlackBerry Messenger was a key selling point for BlackBerry phones… and it was exclusively available on BlackBerry devices. But in 2013 the company launched BBM for Android an iOS. A lot has changed since then. BlackBerry doesn’t make its own phones anymore. BlackBerry OS is pretty much dead. And now […]

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BlackBerry Messenger may become a subscription service (for enterprise customers)

There was a time when BlackBerry pretty much dominated the smartphone space, but that was a time when there also wasn’t as much strong competition. These days BlackBerry has stopped making its own hardware and sells phones built by TCL that run Google’s Android operating system. But they still have some BlackBerry DNA in them, […]

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BBM 2.0 brings voice calls, channels to Android and iOS

BlackBerry is launching a major update to BlackBerry Messenger communication app. Android and iOS users will see some of the biggest changes, since they can now access features that had previously only been available to BlackBerry users. But there are a few new goodies in BBM 2.0 for BlackBerry users as well. Android and iOS […]

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BlackBerry Messenger for Android, iOS launches

BlackBerry Messenger officially launches for Android and iOS today, bringing the Canadian company’s popular instant messaging service to the masses (of folks who gave up actually using BlackBerry phones a while back). BBM is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. According to BlackBerry, about 6 million iOS users signed up for information […]

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BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android, iOS this week

BlackBerry has announced the BlackBerry Messenger will be available for Android on September 21st, and it’ll hit the iPhone a day later. BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM is one of the company’s flagship apps, and up until now it’s only been available for folks actually using a BlackBerry devices. BBM for Android and iOS includes all […]

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Lilbits (9-16-2013): A new Nook?

Barnes & Noble may be scaling back its hardware efforts, but the company does still want to sell eBooks and other digital content. While you can access the NOOK eBook library by installing the NOOK app on almost any phone or tablet, one of the best ways to get you to buy media is still […]

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BlackBerry Messenger for Android coming soon (shown off on video)

BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM is probably one of the best things the BlackBerry platform has going for it. The messenger service has been included on BlackBerry phones for years, providing a powerful alternative to text messaging — and soon BBM will be available for Android and iOS as well. While BlackBerry hasn’t announced when BBM […]

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Lilbits (8-01-2013): BlackBerry Messenger for Android,

Once upon a time BlackBerry pretty much ruled the smartphone space in North America. Those days are long gone thanks to the rise of Android and iOS, but there are still some die-hard fans of at least one BlackBerry service: BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM. What started out as an alternative to sending text messages eventually […]